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High shear Mixer with Power Suction
No dust is released which assures the safety of the workers and greatly improves the working environment

By using the principle of the vacuum state, powder is simultaneously inhaled and
     dispersed into a solvent preventing any fugitive dust from being generated
No dust is released which assures the safety of the workers and greatly improves
     the working environment
Powder is distributed before they are put into the solvent before coagulation
     which maximizes the dispersal efficiency
The dispersion quality is increased by solving the problem of small proportion
     powder straying.
Powder lumps do not occur on the walls of the container or the rotating shaft
     of the mixer which makes it easier to clean.
Inserting the powder into the hopper, or using the flexible hose for direct
     inhalation into the container(or Bag) eases the work

Unlike other mixers, POLIMIX is designed for special purpose which is powder suction. Rotating at a speed of 3500 rpm, 2 blades for dispersion and suction have been designed in certain angle with a large diameter which will inhale and disperse the powder without any scattering.

However, since this structure is designed to receive a large amount of load, the valve needs to be closed and the speed should be reduced to 2500rpm when the suction process is finished. During the state where the powder valve is closed, meaning during the liquid circulation state, the temperature of the liquid increases due to the fact that power of dispersion becomes excessively strong. In such situation, the power of the motor(Horse Power) doubles just to cover the overload, which increases the electricity consumption and operating costs, in turn, decreases the efficiency of the procedure. Therefore, for safer usage and excellent quality of dispersion, understand the mechanism and pay attention to the RMP display in the controller and adjust the RPM accordingly when in use.

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