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Batch Type Mixer for Homogenizing
Specially designed ROTOR & STATOR capable of powerful and excellent emulsification
When the viscosity increases, generally the flow weakens and dead zones appear in the HOMO MIXER. By using the Aid impeller which acts as a disperser blade increases the flow and help decrease the dead zones.
Simple structure means it is easy to clean. Even the structure is simple,
the detailed manufacturing and non-vibration mechanisms of ssembly is the base of strong power as well as long durability and lesser breakdowns.
The most common mistake the users make is the misunderstanding that the high RPM is directly related to good
performance. The factor that influences the dispersion is not limited to the RPM. There are may other factors that also
influences the performance such as diameter of the ROTOR, gap size and so on. The high quality device for laboratory
use made by K&S COMPANY has relatively low RPM but has a large ROTOR diameter, and a very small gaps which
allows tip speed and shear rate which increases the quality of the dispersion and emulsification.
Lab scale HOMO MIXER of K&S COMPANY chose the same inverter driven system with AC motor which is also used in the
device designed for production. Not only is the drive reliable, durable and powerful, but also with the same standards,
it may undergo scale-up to a production level and yet minimize the mechanical errors.

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