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High shear Mixer with Power Suction
No dust is released which assures the safety of the workers and greatly improves the working environment

The process of dispersing the powder into a solvent is necessary
in a variety of fields. However, as many have experienced,
the process of pouring the powder into the solvent for mixing
purpose is very cumbersome and inefficient. As such,
a significant change in the not-so-easy process of dealing
with the powder has now begun. Here we introduce POLIMIX
which will innovate the powdering process altogether.


The ‘Law on Safety Lab Environment’ has been in effect since
April 1, 2006 and as the numbers of machines to remove various
harmful substances have increased, the health and the safety
of the workers is becoming important day by day. To everyone
who has been troubled by the various nano-scale powders
(such as Fumed silica, Zirconium, CNT etc.) which are easily
airborne and are the main source of creating harmful environment
during manufacturing process, we strongly recommend our device.
When using POLIMIX, the powder does not have to be poured.
Yet suction pipe can be used to inhale the powder as you would
when you are using a vacuum cleaner, which will dramatically reduce
the powders from being airborne. To anyone who have been worrying
about the these powders being a hazard, this change will be known to
make a great difference.


Even dust explosions which should be considered when using powders
for manufacturing process is not a problem when using POLIMIX.
When we think of an explosion we are usually reminded of gas explosions,
yet we must be extremely careful since there are many cases of dust
explosions in our every lives which occur from flours and starch.
Dust explosion is especially dangerous due to the fact that it takes
only a small amount of time for it to catch on fire and explode.
It is also known that this kind of explosion tends to inflict enormous damage.
Therefore, safe procedures to prevent such accidents when using powder
in manufacturing should always be required.

Now prepare yourselves for a more safe and comfortable production
environment with POLIMIX of K&S COMPANY.

Recently built pharmaceutical factories have far exceeded the KGMP[Korea Good Manufacturing Practice: Korean standard for quality control in superior pharmaceutical manufacturing] and is now satisfying EUGMP[European standards] which significantly increases the demand for hygienic manufacturing environment. This phenomenon not only limited to the pharmaceutical field but also in other fields such as food, chemicals, electronic materials and cosmetics.
Especially powders with color such as Carbon black, is not easy to clean or manage when it is blown around.

When using POLIMIX there is no powder flying around which keeps the environments sanitary and safe for experiments and production, increasing the competitiveness. Also there is no need to pour the powder from above into a container to mix with the solvent. This will not allow the mixture to create any lumps around the walls of the container or the mixing axis, in turn eases the cleaning process of the containers.

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